Automate challenging welding tasks with a turn-key welding solution for diverse product lines. Reduce welding costs and downtime, while improving accuracy, consistency, and safety.
Cobot Welding Solution

Manual challenges

  • Hazardous environment
  • Shortage of manual labour
  • Low productivity
  • Costly scrap rate and low accuracy
  • High labour costs
Robotic Solution Composition

Collaborative Robot

DOBOT CR series robotic arms cover versatile welding needs with up to 1300mm reach and high precision level. They can perform both laser and arc welding while freeing welders from hazardous and high-concentrative operation.
Welding Platform
Base station is an essential part of the system. Being a housing element for the whole solution, it provides stability for accurate robotic arm welding.
Welding Torch
A welding tool integrated into a collaborative robot offers precise and efficient welding capabilities with increased safety and flexibility for various welding applications.
A stable fixture enables the robot to operate with absolute precision, streamlining the welding process by increasing welding accuracy.
Dobot Software Package
The turnkey software package simplifies the implementation by providing all the necessary parameters to setup a complete welding process.
Welding Machine
The robotic system supports welding machines from various manufacturers and is capable of working with aluminium, stainless steel, and carbon steel. This provides versatility and flexibility for a wide range of welding applications.

Cost Savings

Welding robotic solution can operate without breaks while delivering the same output as a human welder.
  • The graph compares cumulative expenses of robotic welding solution with conventional manual welding.
  • Production runs 3 shifts for 8 hours and 7 days a week.
  • Solution ROI is 12 month, then it will save 60000 USD annually.
The use of a robotic solution ensures perfect accuracy and consistency throughout production shifts, resulting in fewer mistakes, less waste, and higher-quality products.
Fast Deployment
Welding solution was designed to be deployed in existing production line, so the implementation process is simple and logical.
Improved Safety
The robotic arm boasts 22 built-in safety features that are designed to promote safe collaboration with people. If abnormal conditions arise, the welding torch automatically shuts off, ensuring maximum safety.
Welding Solution Features
Diverse Techniques
Solution supports a variety of weaving patterns. Linear, triangular, spiral, trapezoidal and sinusoidal shapes meet diverse welding needs.
Easy Programming
The software uses no code, but simple drag & drop procedure and intuitive graphical blocks to complete programming.
Efficient Arc Welding
Dobot welding solution performs arc welding process. This is a great help as this type of welding is dangerous due to high heated metal, sparks, weld spatter and poisonous gases.
Welding Industrial Applications


Machinery industry
Pipe flanges
Our specialists will help you find places where processes can be accelerated at a convenient time - to produce more efficiently and free human potential for other activities.