Robotic delivery for hotel rooms
Leverage advanced technology and automate your hotel room service. Perfect the guest journey and let your staff handle other tasks with robotic delivery.

Hotel room delivery challenges

  • Time-consuming delivery
  • Privacy of delivered goods
  • Uncertainty with tips
Solution composition
Delivery robot
Industry-leading autonomous navigation and AI technology to plan the best route and ensure precise localization and movements.

Elevator integration

The robotic solution features advanced elevator API integration capabilities. Enable smooth and efficient items transportation to any floor.

Intuitive software

The user-friendly touchscreen interface demands little to no training for personnel and is intuitive for guests.
Hotel robot
Solution Benefits

Cost Saving

The solution performs autonomous delivery tasks for up to 12 hours per day. It significantly saves staff time for the room delivery service and leads to labor costs reduction. ROI is achieved in under 2 years.

Unique Hospitality Experience

Stand out from other hotels with robotic room delivery. The technology and personal approach mesmerize guests and takes the overall experience to a new level.

Reduced Personnel Workload

Automate repetitive room delivery tasks with the robotic solution. It frees personnel from room delivery tasks, so they can dedicate time to improving hotel hospitality for guests.

Secure Meal and Item Deliveries

Enclosed delivery compartments ensure the safe delivery of private and valuable guest items. They can be taken by entering a pin code or as soon as the robot arrives at the requested room.

Contactless Approach

The robotic solution provides contactless and hygienic delivery, creating a safer environment for both guests and staff. It also increases the confidence of guests in the hotel’s commitment to health and safety.

Superior Brand Image

Implementation of the forefront robotic technologies will help gain a competitive edge in the industry. Elevate your company image and reputation with a commitment to innovation and exceptional guest service.
Solution features

High Payload Capacity

The robot has a large 90L delivery space with four independent ventilated compartments for the private distribution of multiple items during peak periods.
Superb Navigation
The solution ensures stable and efficient operation with high positioning accuracy and robustness. Powered by intelligent hardware, the delivery robot navigates your hotel's environment with precision and reliability.
Smooth Beverage Delivery
Equipped with a shock-absorbing chassis, the solution guarantees secure deliveries to guestrooms. It can navigate with speed while ensuring the integrity of the delivery.

User-Friendly Interface

Custom software allows personnel to operate easily without any specific knowledge or technical expertise.
Delivery Compartments Customization
With 4 different cabin configurations, you have the flexibility to meet item sizing and the number of rooms to be visited during a delivery route.
Exceptional Passability
The solution is designed to seamlessly navigate hotel spaces and pass through even only a 70 cm path width.
Seamless Integration
A smooth transition and efficient collaboration between the delivery robot, staff, and guests, result in an outstanding experience and improved operational efficiency.
Dev&Go software extension

Intuitive interface

AROS Dev&Go robot software is designed with customers in mind. Little to no training is needed to be able to utilize the hotel robot’s full functionality.

Compartments easy setup

With 4 different cabin configurations, you have the flexibility to meet item sizing and the number of rooms to be visited during a delivery route.

Remote control

Call a free robot with a mobile application and send it to the desired location. No necessity to look for a free robot yourself – manage the fleet through mobile or tablet.

Battery optimization

The robot goes to the charging pile automatically at the critical battery level and then returns to the task after charging.
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