Leverage robots for high load and repetitive palletizing tasks. Speed up production forkflow, free people from strenuous work and save costs.
Robotic Palletizing solution to streamline production workflow
Solution Benefits

Increased productivity

Robots move with 4m/s and palletize 24-hours with no break. This speeds up goods exchange without increasing warehouse facilities.
Improved consistency
Palletizing robot follows the program. There are no human-related errors and the result is consistent. You can be sure that palletizing is done according to your needs.
Supplement staff shortages
Wages for physically demanding and repetitive tasks continue to increase. While the availability of labor becomes more limited, automation can provide a solution.
Human collaboration
Within 10ms robotic arm detects human presence and stops moving to avoid contact and injuries until the object moves away. Then robot resumes operation without compromising production automatically.
Reduce costs
Robotic Palletizing solution minimizes running costs. There are no salaries, sick leaves and benefits to pay for extra load. This results in less the 2 years ROI from Palletizing automation.

Financial Benefit

Robotic palletizing solutions improve end-of-line productivity while also offering operation cost reduction.

  • It takes 12 months to have ROI if production works 3 shifts. Busy 3 shifts a day production line lowers 5 years operation cost by 48%.
  •  24 months for 2 shift production line.
Simple programming
Enter pallet and box dimensions. Build pallet pattern and check task feasibility.
Two pallet palletizing
While the staff is assisting the solution with a pallet changing, the robot continues to perform with the second pallet.
Adjustable pedestal
With adjustable pedestal robotic arm can stack boxes up to 1.8m high.
Different pallet patterns
A wide range of patterns are available in software settings that ensure safer transportation of goods and appropriate labeling.
Increased Security
Solution supports light curtains or physical barriers to ensure absolute safety of the workplace.

Food and beverages

Medical industry
Production line
Consumer goods
Our specialists will help you find places where processes can be accelerated at a convenient time - to produce more efficiently and free human potential for other activities.