Robotic product promotion for events
Utilize autonomous robots to effectively reach consumers and deliver captivating product advertisements. Enhance the customer experience with a unique robotic solution that leaves a lasting impression.

Challenges at promo events

Limited customer engagement and interaction with advertisements, leading to lower sales conversion rates.
Solution Composition

Promotion robot

Industry-leading autonomous navigation and AI technology ensure precise localization and movements during a promotion route.

Intuitive software

The user-friendly touch screen interface demands little to no training for personnel and is intuitive for guests.

Cost Saving

With advertised items, solution can patrol autonomously for up to 19 hours per day. While labor costs are massively reduced, the estimated return on investment is expected in less than two years.
Solution Benefits

Unique Customer Experience

Voice or personalized screen interactions can be used to welcome customers to try out products. Additionally, the solution appearance can be fully customized to meet genuine event needs.

Reduced Human Workload

It’s difficult for people to support a high engaging attitude for a long time, robots can take on promotion tasks and free employees for work where human ingenuity is needed.

Contactless Promotion

Robotic solutions create a safer and hygienic promotion environment for customers.

Enhanced Brand Image

Gain a competitive edge with forefront robotic technology. Elevate company image and reputation with autonomous promotion.
Solution Features

High Payload Capacity

Multiple serving trays can handle up to 20 kg total payload for product promotion.

Superb Navigation

LiDAR and vision cameras offer advanced perception in diverse dynamic environments. Combined with robotics AI, they enable intelligent obstacle avoidance, particularly in crowded events.

User-friendly Interface

Users can set up the promotional route without any specific knowledge. Even after the deployment, there are options for different patrolling routes according to future needs.

Compact Dimensions

Superb solution passability reached through compact solution size. It easily navigates around the space with only 55cm width.
Dev&Go software benefits

Intuitive robot interface

AROS Dev&Go robot software is designed with customers in mind. Little to no training is needed to be able to utilize the hotel robot’s full functionality.

Simple launch wizard for fast deployment

Guided step-by-step robot installation in the working environment streamlines solution setup.

Remote control

Call a free robot with a mobile application and send it to the desired location. No necessity to look for a free robot yourself – manage the fleet through mobile or tablet.

Elevator control and multi-floor maps coverage

The hotel environment contains several floors connected by elevators. Dev&Go integrated software can call elevators, so the robot will secure delivery to any floor and room.
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