Utilize robotic solutions to speed up the screwdriving process. Increase throughput and product quality while reducing operating costs by adopting a collaborative solution.
Automated screwdriver solution for collaborative assembly

Manual screwdriver challenges

  • Inconsistent screwing leads to inferior quality
  • High employee turnover and absence rates
  • Stable manual operation requires extensive training
  • Operations must be standardized to prevent quality claims
  • Strict safety regulations must be followed to prevent injury
  • Screwdriving is a bottleneck process that slows down the rest of the production
How solution works
Screwdriving Solution is a robotic tool for fastening components together. A screw feeder dispenses individual screws at a picking zone. Robotic arm with screwing end-effector picks up the screw, positions it appropriately and processes the screwing task autonomously with the precision and necessary torque.
Application scenarios

Subcomponent assembly

Micro assembly

Electronics assembly

ROI and Cost Saving

Robotic screwdriving solution operates without breaks. The graph compares the cumulative expenses of robotic screwdriving vs conventional, assuming a 7-day, 3-shift production schedule. ROI 10 months, 5 year savings is $265000.
Solution benefits

Simple implementation

Without programming knowledge, an operator set appropriate parameters and points. Greatly simplifying the production, the system generates a screwdriving program.
Superb consistency
The Robotic solution and its dedicated software ensure precise screwdriver performance while tracking torque, angle, and height parameters from the pre-screwing to the final position.
Process control
Any quality issue is automatically detected by the equipment, and an alert is sent to indicate that human intervention is required before the system can resume normal operation.
Screwing flexibility
The solution can pick, place, and fast screws of any size, ranging from M1 to M10. Any screwing angle possible, depending on the needs of the part assembly. The quick tool changeover allows simple redeployment of the system for multiple part numbers.
Improve production speed
Automated screwdriving solution with a 2.5s cycle time removes production bottleneck and increases throughput of the entire line.
Inspection system
A vision inspection system can be incorporated into the screwdriving solution to ensure excellent output quality.
End-effector screw feeder
Air blowing feeder transports the screw directly into the head tool. It results in a faster-screwing performance, shorter cycle time and less robotic arm workload.
Dual purpose end-effector
End-effector can be equipped with gripper for additional pick and place manipulations. This will decrease human involvement in the process
Production data analysis
The automation cell can be configured to report production results using an external MES system in addition to keeping local copies of real-time data.
Human collaboration
SafeSkin by DOBOT is a highly sensitive collision prevention system, that can be installed to guarantee extended operational safety during robot and human collaboration. It prevents collisions and resumes accordingly to avoid needless equipment downtime.
Autonomous assembly
An additional robot can supply the screwdriver unit with parts to reduce the need for constant human involvement. Full automation can be achieved by replacing the manual part delivery procedure with an autonomous mobile robot with robotic manipulator (AMMR).
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