AROS joints are all-in-one actuators range to set your robot in precise motion. Market leading torque/weight ration together with integrated brakes and EtherCAT controller assure compact solution with needed payload and speed.

Integrated actuator


  • Motor - high-torque brushless motor provides power to the robot.
  • Gear - strain wave harmonic reducer offers accuracy, torque and desired speed.
  • Brakes - electromagnetic power off clutch brakes ensure safe payload handling.
  • EtherCAT Controller – drive actuator in real time with high-speed communication protocol.
  • Encoders - pair of 19-bit absolute multiturn encoders control rotation accuracy on both shafts.
Robotic actuators tackle following problems

Save time and money for robotic motors R&D

Simplify supply chain management
Reduce production, assembly and testing expenses
Improve product design and safety
What our actuator offers to your robot?
Square-shape actuator
Better robot design

High power density
Less robot weight and more payload
Cros-roller bearing
More tilting moment can be handled by your application
Brakes and EtherCAT controller inside
No need for 3rd party components
Hollow shaft
Run wires or media through servomotor
High rotation accuracy
Precise robotic application
Top applications for AROS actuators
Robotic arm producers and startups
Accuracy mobile platforms
Humanoid robots

Engineering companies

Household robotics
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