Autonomous cleaning solution for commercial spaces
Revolutionize commercial space cleaning with an autonomous robotic solution. Not only it is a next-generation cleaning tool, but also a demonstration to your customers and partners, that your business leverages innovative technologies.
Cleaning robot at work

Cleaning Solution composition

  • Autonomous cleaning solution is a combination of cleaning robots and working stations. With sweeping, scrubbing, and mopping features robot takes care of mundane commercial space cleaning.
  • Workstation charges batteries and changes the water to support robots’ autonomous operation and reduce human intervention.

ROI and cost saving

  • One operator can handle several cleaning solutions simultaneously. The cleaner spends just 20% of their time on machine guidance and maintenance as the robotic solution performs cleaning shifts fully autonomously.
  • There are two ways to acquire the solution. Making a one-time investment can be advantageous in the long run and save more money, but it requires the full amount upfront. Leasing options offers savings right after the implementation.
  • ROI is achieved in 9 months.
Solution benefits

Quality and Efficiency

Robotics sweeping, scrubbing, and dust mopping frees your cleaning personal from hours of floor cleaning and guarantee a profound impact on the commercial space.
Market-leading sensor system with 2D LiDAR, 3D depth camera and 3D ToF cameras exclude collusions with people and commercial facilities.
Eliminate night shifts
Solution can be programmed to operate during night, late evening or early morning. This will free your personal from inconvenient working hours, improve their work-life balance and save money from night shifts additional payments.
Remote monitoring
The user can set up automation tasks in a cleaning schedule through mobile and Web platforms. Operators can also review cleaning reports, productivity metrics, and operation timing.
Positive organisation image
Organization with autonomous cleaners viewed as a forefront company with innovative approach. This increases clients and personnel retention.
Cleaning solution features

Auto Spot Cleaning

Scanning and autonomously performing spot cleaning where waste or stains are detected.
5-stage Filtration System
Water recycling reducing up to 80% of freshwater consumption.
Ergonomic Manual Mode
The machine features an ergonomic handle that enables personnel to effortlessly steer the robot when manual mode is required.
Cleaning various floorings
Solution operates on natural stone, marble, ceramic, PVC, vinyl, epoxy and concrete floorings.
Superb Productivity
In 24 hours autonomous cleaning solution can cover up to 15000m2.
Applications scenarios
Office and Co-working
Bank and insurance
Medical center


Car dealership
Our specialists will help you find places where processes can be accelerated at a convenient time - to produce more efficiently and free human potential for other activities.