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A Fully Autonomous Beverage Station

AROS Robotic Kiosk

AROS Robotic Kiosk is an independent beverage station designed for shopping centers, train stations, bars, clubs, various events, and so on.
The kiosk functions autonomously 24/7, seamlessly managing orders, conducting automated transactions, dispensing snacks, and skillfully pouring a variety of beverages, including beer.
With a capacity for up to 8 beverage taps, each individually adjustable in temperature, this robotic kiosk delivers an unparalleled and distinctive customer experience.
AROS Robotic Kiosk Locations
AROS Beverage Kiosk enables any business or entrepreneur to easily open their own and fully autonomous beverage station.
Malls & Food Courts
Bars & Clubs
Airports & Train Stations
Festivals & Events
Business Benefits
Available 24/7
Enjoy fresh beverages with the perfect temperature any time of day and night. Ideal for high-traffic, non-stop venues like airports and train stations. Always on. Always ready.
Business Analytics
AROS beverage station provides insights into demand, consumption, and replenishment data. Additionally, you can access serving statistics per minute, hour, day, and more.
Fully Autonomous
The beverage station operates entirely autonomously, requiring no human interference to pour delicious drinks or serve snacks.
Beverage distribution scale​
Upon acquiring the robotic beverage kiosk, you can promptly deploy it, facilitating seamless entry into new markets and eliminating concerns about delays.
High Efficiency
The kiosk can serve up to 180 drinks in an hour. It ensures swift delivery of the desired beverage right after ordering.
Personalize the kiosk by selecting optional colors, logos, and lighting configurations that align with your brand's unique style.
Achieve ROI in 1 year
AROS Beverage Kiosk Capabilities
  • Up to 180 servings per hour​
  • 1350 drinks before replenishment (0.33L cups)​
  • 9x50L kegs kiosk capacity
  • Only 2-hour weekly maintenance
Beverage kiosk productivity
The CRON Kiosk offers a selection of beverages, including Cola, Sprite, juice, dark beer, light beer, and lager, along with snack options such as peanuts, pistachios, and mixed nuts.
  • Up to 8 types of beverages​
  • 0.33L and 0.5L cup size options​
  • 10-15 seconds per drink
  • 6°C beverage temperature​
Fast and diverse offer for the client
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