Cleaning solution for small and middle size facilities with mixed flooring
Maintain your cleaning with an autonomous robotic solution whether it has hard or soft flooring. Emphasise cleaning awareness and support your cleaning personnel with a next generation cleaning solution

Cleaning challenges

  • Hard and soft floorings
  • Finding a proper time to clean
  • Inconsistent effect
  • Personal turnover
  • Cleaning monitoring
  • Business image and cleanliness awareness
Cleaning cobot perfomance
Cleaning solution composition

Cleaning robot

Cleaning solution is a combination of a cleaning robot and a working station. A next-generation cleaning solution doesn’t require personnel time during cleaning. Operator setup a cleaning area and a schedule for a solution to perform autonomously. This can be out of working hours and will not disturb office workers during a day.

Charging station

When the robot can’t clean the office flooring on a single charge it goes to a working station to recharge. Then the robot continues a cleaning task. Solution implementation simplified cleaning personnel routine, taking care of most time-consuming areas. This allows personnel to dedicate more time for narrow zone cleaning.

Cost saving

Robotic cleaning solution significantly decreases human involvement during cleaning. It results in cost reduction for office maintenance. ROI is achieved in 14 months.
Solution Benefits

Autonomous cleaning

Cleaning solution with up to 1200 m²/h productivity does cleaning task autonomously. It can cover up to 80% of all cleaning area. Solution follows a predetermined schedule, area and returns to the workstation for battery charging.

Quality on hard and soft floorings

Side brushes rotate inward to sweep debris towards the underside of the robot, while the underneath roller brush and vacuum suction picks and deposits it in the trash box. An additional dust mop located at the back of the robot is used to mop the floor.

Remote monitoring and guidance

Through a mobile application the user has access to productivity metrics, sector-coverage map and operation timing. Cleaning schedule can be also set and changed via mobile app.
Application areas
Common area
Reception and greeting area
Cleaning solution features

Zero Distance from Edge operation

With side brushes robotic solution cleans along edge at zero-distance.

3-in-1 Cleaning

Cleaning solution performs vacuuming, sweeping and dust mopping.

Best in class sensing

Solution has intelligent obstacles avoidance and rerouting features.


There is an extended solution option with diffuser kit for sanitizing.

Diversity of flooring

Robotic solution ensures superb cleaning on both hard and carpet-tile flooring.
Our specialists will help you find places where processes can be accelerated at a convenient time - to produce more efficiently and free human potential for other activities.