AROS Beverage Kiosk Features​
Efficiency for each type of use case
  • Up to 8 taps to serve drinks​
AROS Kiosk offers a selection of beverages, including Cola, Sprite, juice, dark beer, light beer, and lager, along with snack options such as peanuts, pistachios, and mixed nuts.
  • Up to 4 lifts for serving beverage​
  • Up to 20 seconds per serving​
  • Up to 6 additional waiting area​
  • Up to 180 servings per hour​
  • Up to 9 kegs sizes at the same time​
  • Up to 50L per keg size​
  • Up to 1350 drinks (0.33L) before refill
  • Min. 30 days before service is due
Best experience – every time​
Sunlight Protection​
Bottles are consistently shielded from direct sunlight, ensuring they are stored in a shaded environment at all times​.
Interactive Digital Signage (IDS)​
Remote access to detailed kiosk statistics in real-time. Monitor sales data, update prices, and run full system diagnostics using the kiosk’s web interface.​
Always clean​
The sealed system of the kiosk prevents the formation of dust and odors and results in a clean serving of beverages anytime and anywhere.
Antivandal System​
The kiosk features a secure protection system with triplex glass, key-locking doors, and 3 CCTV cameras.
Temperature & Humidity​
The kiosk continually tracks the temperature and humidity of bottles, promptly notifying you through a remote application in case of any irregularities.
  • Alucobond, tempered glass, steel frame, Corian inside​​
  • Max power consumption <1200W​
  • Voltage 220-240 V, 50Hz​​
  • Inside temperature monitoring system​ ​
  • Easy open/close system for access to service​​
  • LCD or LED lightbox for commercial display​​
  • Connected with WiFi Router with battery backup​​
  • Weight <1000 kg​​
  • CE, RED, RoHs​​
  • Made in Europe
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