Robotic Delivery Solution for Food and Beverage Service Industry
Elevate customer experience by reducing meal waiting time with robotic delivery solution. Simplify your personnel routine, save costs and increase hygiene perception.

Challenges in the Restaurant industry

  • Ensure quick table delivery
  • Manage waiter's workload
  • Handling dishes removal
  • Improve customers retention
  • Attracting new customers
Delivery robot
Self-driving equipment delivers food & beverages autonomously. Waiter just inputs the table number and the robot finds the fastest route to the customer.

Charging station

Robot returns to the dock autonomously to recharge its battery. It increases the delivery uptime while being ready to perform continuously anytime.

Optional table location system

A communication device can be given to the customer to detect its location. Simply input the order number and the robot automatically finds the customer table.
Robotic restaurant delivery solution

Speed up meal delivery

Robotic delivery solution reduces waiting times, ensuring quicker service for multiple tables.

Reduce personnel workload

While robotics handle meal delivery, waiters can focus on customers, enhancing the overall quality of service.

Cost saving

Robotic solution eliminates waiters' involvement in meal delivery, reducing labor costs and increasing efficiency.

Enhancing customers' experience

Robotic delivery creates a unique and memorable dining experience, improving retention rates and generating positive word-of-mouth publicity.

Attracting new customers

The novelty of robotic delivery sets a restaurant apart from competitors, attracting new customers and increasing foot traffic.

Improved hygiene and safety

Robotic food delivery reduces the risk interpersonal infections offering more hygienic dining environment for customers.

Financial profit

  • Robotic delivery solution significantly reduces restaurant personnel's workload. Solution implementation with two robots results in annual savings around $20000.
  • ROI is 13 months.
Application scenarios




Sushi bar

Coffee shop

Beer bar

Delivery Solution Features
Smart obstacle avoidance
LiDAR and 3D depth cameras navigation algorithms provide high-level environmental perception and smart obstacle avoidance.
Independent Suspension Chassis
Solution works with fragile and choppy goods. 6-wheel independent suspension ensures stable delivery for food and drinks.
High payload capacity
Multiple serving trays can handle up to 30 kg total payload for meals, drinks and deserts.
User-friendly interface
Waiters can use the solution without any specific knowledge. After the deployment they choose trays and tables, robotic tray run the delivery.
Multiple table delivery
Serve up to three tables during one route. Tray indication lights will guide the customer with a proper meal selection.
Multi Robot Mode
Several robots can work together in the same space to improve delivery efficiency in large restaurant areas.
Our specialists will help you find places where processes can be accelerated at a convenient time - to produce more efficiently and free human potential for other activities.